The Big Fake(s): David Mirvish and the art crime of the century

The Reluctant Rockstar:  What happened to Hayden, Canada’s last label star

Hollywood Saved: The afterlife of Stephen Lea Sheppard, television’s most authentic nerd

The website that taught the Internet how to talk about TV: An Ode to Television Without Pity

Infectious Ticks: On the backlash against David Foster Wallace

Men and the violent games they play: Three books about sports, fighting and masculinity


Take the Ride: William Finnegan on his love affair with surfing

Downshift: John Jeremiah Sullivan looks for a new voice

Midlist and Out: Why the author of Shoeless Joe hasn’t seen a baseball game in 20 years

More than Mere Blood: The crime stories that David Grann won’t tell


(For two  years I wrote a culture column for a business magazine. Sometimes it was a weird fit. Sometimes it worked.)

Our Paycheques, Ourselves: Garbagemen, executioners and what it really means to identify with work

No Skin in the Game: Jeffrey Sachs, McKinsey and the problem with consultants

Flash Boys: The Canadian kids living a Wall Street Fairy Tale

The Imaginary Circle: Dave Eggers’ dystopian vision of tech

Book Reviews

(I’ve been reviewing books on and off since 2005, for Maclean’s, the National Post and others.) 

On the disappointing perfection of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom

On Leslie Jamison and the next big thing in nonfiction

Ian Frazier’s Travels in Siberia is a book like a perfect hamburger

Colum McCann writes sentences that create silences